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4 Crucial Guidelines for Backyard Fire Pit Safety

Bucks County Accident Lawyer

Gathering around a bonfire with people you love is one of the best parts of autumn. But just like any fire source, fire pits can easily become dangerous if you aren’t careful to take certain precautions before, during and after a fire. Here are a few important fire pit safety tips our Bucks County accident lawyer would like to highlight.

Backyard Fire Pit Safety: 4 Rules to Follow

  1. Never use flammable fluids as a fire starter – While you may be tempted to squirt some lighter fluid or gasoline onto your fire, we strongly advise against doing so. This time-saving trick simply isn’t worth the risk of a flaring flame injuring you or someone else.
  2. Keep kids and pets a safe distance from the fire – Disasters can happen in a matter of seconds, so it’s crucial to supervise young children and pets at all times when you have a fire blazing. For their safety, young ones and animals should stay at least three feet away from the fire pit.
  3. Have a water source on hand – In the event that your fire gets out of control, you need to be able to put it out immediately in order to prevent injuries and property damage. So, be sure to there’s a full bucket of water or an operational hose close by.
  4. Choose your wood wisely – Soft woods such as cedar and pine may burn well, but they pose a potential danger to people and property. These types of wood tend to “pop” and produce a lot of sparks, which is a recipe for disaster for obvious reasons. Dense woods such as oak are a much safer choice.

For more useful safety advice from our accident lawyer in Bucks County, check out our post on helping your family avoid burn injuries around the house.

Personal Injury? Consult the Accident Lawyer Bucks County Trusts

Practicing the safety tips above will help prevent incidents so that your bonfires stay enjoyable. But unfortunately, there’s always a chance that an accident could occur regardless of how careful you are. In case something goes awry, Bucks County accident attorney Gary Heslin will be here to stand up for the rights of you and your family.

For more than three decades, Mr. Heslin has been helping accident victims battle insurance companies to get the compensation they deserve. If you are in need of an accident attorney in Bucks County, he is a highly dependable choice.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with Mr. Heslin, please call our office at (215) 332-0300. We are dedicated to seeking justice for personal injury victims, and we will do everything we can to help your family move past this difficult time.

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