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4 Essential Car Maintenance Steps for Autumn

Bucks County Auto Accident Attorney

Autumn is officially here, which means temperatures are swiftly getting cooler and the amount of daylight is decreasing little by little each day. As the new season takes hold, our Bucks County auto accident attorney would like to highlight the importance of taking time to optimize your car for safe driving throughout the fall and into the winter. Here are a few things to put on your to-do list to prepare your vehicle to handle wet roads, cold weather, leaf piles, darker conditions and other seasonal hazards:

  1. Make sure all lights are shining bright – Since the sun rises later and sets earlier during autumn, chances are you’ll be driving in the dark more often now that fall has arrived. Thus, it’s vital to inspect all of your vehicle’s lights to make sure they are in good working order and allow for you to see and be seen in dimly lit conditions. To maximize the performance of your car’s headlights, our auto accident attorney in Bucks County recommends cleaning them often and replacing them regularly. This way, you will avoid having the lights go dim or burn out while you’re driving.
  2. Test the heat and defrosters – To make sure your car is equipped to transport you comfortably and safely in chilly weather and precipitation, turn on the heat and window defrosters to confirm that they are functioning well. If either of these systems isn’t performing at full capacity, have the issue repaired right away to avoid unpleasant driving and reduced visibility.
  3. Do a windshield wiper inspection – Windshield wipers are another essential item to maintain for low-risk autumn driving. To ensure that the wipers are working properly on your car, check them for cracks or other signs of wear. If you see any damage or notice that the blades aren’t completely clearing precipitation off your windshield, replace them as soon as possible.
  4. Keep an eye on your tires – As the weather gets colder, bear in mind that the pressure in your car’s tires will drop along with the outdoor temperature. Thus, you should check the tires often and add air as needed to keep the pressure at the level recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, our Bucks County auto accident attorney highly suggests replacing tires with visible wear to ensure that your vehicle is ready to take on slippery leaves and inclement weather.

By following these tips from our auto accident lawyer in Bucks County, you will minimize your risk of incidents while behind the wheel this autumn and winter.

When Accidents Happen, We’re Here to Offer Legal Assistance

Unfortunately, car accidents can occur even when you do your part to keep your vehicle well maintained and drive safely. After all, others on the road may not be quite as cautious and may be driving while distracted or impaired.

If another driver’s negligence results in you or someone you love being injured in a crash, Gary Heslin is a qualified source for legal advice and representation. Known as the auto accident attorney Bucks County can depend on for over 30 years, Mr. Heslin will defend your rights in the event that another party’s carelessness causes harm to you or a family member.

To find out more about what makes Gary Heslin a reliable Bucks County auto accident lawyer or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, call our office at (215) 332-0300. And for more useful information, take a look at our post on how burns are commonly caused by negligence. Hopefully you never need to reach out to a personal injury attorney, but in case you do, we will be here to provide superior legal aid.

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