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4 Key Safety Reminders for Halloween Decorating

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The spookiest day of the year is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning an extravagant Halloween party or simply putting out a dish of candy for trick-or-treaters, safety is not to be neglected. To keep your frightfully awesome Halloween display safe for costumed visitors of all ages, follow these tips from our Bucks County personal injury attorney.

Tips for Smart & Safe Halloween Decorating

  1. Beware of tripping hazards – Unsecured extension cords, tree roots and décor pieces can all pose a tripping risk for your family and guests. To prevent accidents, remove unnecessary items and be sure to highlight any potential hazards in your walkways.
  2. Light up a clear pathway for visitors – Whether you’d like Halloween guests to find their way to your front door via your sidewalk, driveway or yard, try to make this obvious by lighting up a pathway for them. Solar-powered lanterns are great for increasing visibility while adding a spooky effect.
  3. Opt for battery-operated candles – Speaking of festive lighting, you might be tempted to add candles to your holiday display. If so, our personal injury attorney in Bucks County suggests going with candles that run on batteries – not the traditional kind. This way, you won’t have to worry about your visitors accidentally coming into contact with an open flame.
  4. Take precautions when pumpkin carving – Carving jack-o’-lanterns is a classic autumn activity. Just remember that the tools involved can make it potentially dangerous. If you have children under the age of 14, we recommend doing the knife work for them after they’ve drawn a face on your Halloween pumpkin.

Putting this simple advice into practice will greatly reduce the chance of an accident happening at your home this Halloween season. For more timely advice from our trusted Bucks County personal injury lawyer, read our post on avoiding wildlife-related auto accidents while riding a motorcycle during fall.

In the Event of a Personal Injury, Contact Us for Legal Assistance

Even when you prioritize safety, the unfortunate truth is that accidents can still happen – on Halloween or any other day of the year. In the event that you or a loved one is injured due to someone else’s failure to take reasonable safety measures, you don’t have to go through the process of filing a personal injury claim alone. Gary Heslin – the personal injury lawyer Bucks County depends on – will be here to provide expert legal guidance and help you obtain compensation.

Mr. Heslin has been devoted to seeking justice for individuals and families affected by personal injury accidents for more than 30 years. Now, he is ready to fight for your family’s rights as your personal injury attorney in Bucks County.

Please remember that we are always here to help should you find yourself in the midst of a personal injury case – during the Halloween season or at any other time. If you are in need of reliable legal advice, call the Heslin Law Firm at (215) 332-0300 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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