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Adjusting to the Time Change: 3 Essential Safety Tips

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Daylight Saving Time comes to an end at 2:00 AM this Sunday, November 3rd. Although this time change offers an extra hour of sleep, researchers warn that it has the potential to leave us feeling less alert than usual as we adjust. To set yourself up for a smooth transition that’s free from incidents, our Bucks County personal injury attorney suggests taking these proactive steps over the next week.

3 Safety Tips for the End of Daylight Saving Time

  1. Make sure your car is equipped for low-light driving – With the sun setting an hour earlier once the clocks turn back, you may very well be doing your evening commute in the dark. To ensure you’re prepared for the change, take time to check your headlights, brake lights, taillights and signal lights to confirm that everything is working properly. This simple step will go a long way to help you avoid being involved in a car accident.
  2. Recognize if you’re feeling fatigued – In the days following the time change, it’s important to be cognizant of the fact that you may feel more tired than usual. Remember that accidents are more likely to happen during this time, on the road and elsewhere. Thus, you should be on high alert while behind the wheel and carve out time in your schedule to rest if needed. You may even consider working from home if you have the luxury of doing so.
  3. Take time to make your home safer – The end of Daylight Saving Time is a great opportunity to complete seasonal safety tasks at home. Our personal injury attorney in Bucks County urges you to check that all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home are in good working order. If needed, replace the batteries or the alarms themselves. It’s important to complete this step before switching on the heat, as carbon monoxide poisoning risk rises significantly when the furnace is running.

As we leave Daylight Saving Time behind us, following this advice from our Bucks County personal injury lawyer will help make your adjustment period as smooth as possible. For more valuable accident avoidance tips, take a look at our post on teen driver safety.

The Heslin Law Firm Skillfully Handles Personal Injury Cases

Studies show that accidents are more likely to occur following the time change; but realistically, they can happen at any time. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured due to another party’s negligence, call on Gary Heslin of the Heslin Law Firm for expert legal assistance.

With a long-standing reputation for being the personal injury attorney Bucks County citizens can depend on, Mr. Heslin will take your case personally. From investigating the incident to helping you develop a strong legal argument for your case, Mr. Heslin will be there to offer the support and guidance you need.

To schedule a free case evaluation with our trustworthy personal injury attorney in Bucks County, call the Heslin Law Firm at (215) 332-0300. We sincerely hope you never need to contact us, but please know we will be ready to take on your case if you are ever the victim of a personal injury.

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