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SEPTA Accidents: What Every Rider Should Know

Bucks County SEPTA accident attorney

Riding SEPTA buses, trains and trolleys is a convenient and affordable way to get around the Greater Philadelphia area. But just like any other form of transportation, SEPTA vehicles can be involved in accidents. Given this risk, it is important to be aware of the laws surrounding SEPTA incidents and to know what steps to take after an accident. Our Bucks County SEPTA accident attorney is here to share a few things every SEPTA rider should be informed about.

SEPTA Accidents: What Every Rider Should Know

  • It is standard procedure for SEPTA employees to hand out a form to passengers following an accident. The purpose of this form is to prove that you were on that specific SEPTA vehicle when the incident occurred. Thus, it is in your best interest to fill it out right away and give the duplicate copy back to SEPTA personnel before exiting the vehicle.
  • Aside from filling out a form, you should also be sure to collect as much information as possible about the driver, including their name and a physical description of them. Also make note of the time, vehicle number and route number. If possible, write down the names and phone numbers of a few other passengers in case you need to call on them as witnesses.
  • A Pennsylvania legal doctrine called the “jerk and jolt” rule applies to SEPTA incidents. Essentially, this doctrine states that in order for SEPTA to be held liable for injuries caused by a sudden jerk or stop, it must be so unusual and severe that passengers could not have reasonably expected it. If you believe that this was the case in your situation, you’ll definitely want to get the information of other passengers who saw what happened or were also affected. Having other passengers testify that the stop was indeed exceptional will be key in arguing your case.

Needless to say, the laws surrounding SEPTA accidents and liability are very complex. Thus, it is advisable to select an experienced SEPTA accident attorney in Bucks County to handle your case.

Call on Gary Heslin for Help with Your SEPTA Accident Case

Even when you take precautions to help you stay safe on SEPTA, there’s always a chance that you could be hurt in a collision or another type of incident. Should this happen to you, Bucks County SEPTA accident lawyer Gary Heslin is a highly qualified choice for your legal representation.

With more than thirty years of experience handling SEPTA accident cases, Mr. Heslin is an expert on the laws surrounding public transit incidents and knows how to deal with government agencies. Having him on your side will give you the best possible chance of getting the maximum compensation for your injuries.

To set up a free case evaluation with the SEPTA accident lawyer Bucks County residents depend on, call the Heslin Law Firm at (215) 332-0300.

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