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Stay informed from a Philadelphia-based Personal Injury Lawyer.

Our Blog aims to inform Philadelphia Accident and Personal Injury victims about the law so they can have a better chance of maximizing their case results. The Heslin Law Firm goes the extra mile to provide in-depth free information. Generally, our blog will cover auto accidents, specific types of personal injury that occur, workers compensation, slip and fall accidents, and more. By providing this information for clients in Philadelphia, we hope fewer people will be a subject of misinformation of lack thereof. Make the wrongdoers accountable. Be informed and get over your personal injury with the financial compensation you deserve.

4 Do’s and Don’ts for Snowy Days

A significant snowstorm is forecasted in the near future for Bucks County. That means now is the time to make sure you’ve made all the necessary preparations for wintry precipitation. Do you have your snow shovel and sidewalk de-icer at the ready? If so, take a few moments to review this snow day safety checklist Read More

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Important Safety Reminders for Summer Road Trips

When it comes to fun and memorable journeys, little else can compare to a summer road trip. Before you buckle up and hit the road with your friends or family, just be sure you’ve taken steps to make the trip as safe as possible. To help you get to your destination without incident, our Bucks Read More

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5 Spring Driving Tips from the Heslin Law Firm

Now that the weather is starting to warm up here in the Greater Philadelphia area, you’ll probably be going outside and driving more often. But while you’re out enjoying the lovely spring weather, it’s important to keep these spring driving tips in mind: Be prepared for potholes and other road imperfections. During the wintertime, roads Read More

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Avoid Injuries with Our 2016 Workplace Safety Resolutions

While you’re making personal resolutions for the new year, we here at the Heslin Law Firm also recommend taking the time to think about how you can improve workplace safety for yourself and your coworkers. Here are a few ways to do so: Reflect on last year. When creating your list of workplace safety resolutions Read More

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Personal Injury? Hire a Bucks County Premise Liability Lawyer

When someone owns a store or property, it is his/her responsibility to keep the area safe and free of hazards. Unfortunately, property owners don’t always follow through in doing so. When this happens, injuries can occur. In legal terms, these types of injuries are called “premise liability” cases. If you or someone you love has Read More

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Philadelphia Winter Driving Tips from the Heslin Law Firm

Severe weather such as snow and freezing rain makes winter the most dangerous season for driving. Are you prepared for the roadway hazards that the coldest season of the year brings? Take a look at our Philadelphia winter driving tips to learn how to face severe weather when traveling: Before winter arrives, you should inspect Read More

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Choose Us As Your Bucks County Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re involved in a car accident, your life can change drastically in the blink of an eye. Due to one wrong move by another driver, you can be left with severe injuries, intense pain, and huge medical bills. Luckily, the Heslin Law Firm can help if you’re currently facing one or more of these Read More

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Injured? Turn to a Bucks County Severe Injury Lawyer

Severe injuries can cause extensive amounts of pain and suffering in a physical, emotional, and financial way. Therefore, it’s only fair to seek compensation if you or a loved one has been hurt due to the negligence of another party. Here at the Heslin Law Firm, we’re prepared to do everything in our power to Read More

Category: Bucks County, Car Accidents, General Law, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Severe Injury, Slip And Fall, Spinal Cord Injuries

Why Is It So Important to Report a Slip or Fall?

When you have a slip or fall in a public, your first instinct may be to pretend like it didn’t happen to avoid embarrassment. However, you shouldn’t ignore the accident no matter how insignificant it may seem. In fact, it’s extremely important that you report the incident to your employer or to the person in Read More

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Philadelphia Fall Driving Tips

As a Philadelphia accident lawyer, we hear about atrocious car accidents every day. What’s worse, many of the cases that we handle are the result of preventable accidents. Therefore, we here at the Heslin Law Firm strongly advise you to follow these Philadelphia fall driving tips to stay safe and avoid disaster this autumn: Though Read More

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Obtain Justice with a Philadelphia Wrongful Death Lawyer

Unfortunately, accidents happen in our society and sometimes result in the death of innocent people. When this unfortunate circumstance arises, the family of the individual is often left not knowing where to turn for help. Between making funeral arrangements and dealing with other matters, seeking justice for the victim may fall to the wayside. That’s Read More

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Get Results with a Bonafide Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer

Unfortunately, attacks by dogs and other animals sometimes occur. When they do, it can result in a nasty bite that can have serious consequences for one’s health and quality of life. If you or a loved one has been severely injured by a dog attack, then it’s time to take action. By hiring the Heslin Read More

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Northeast Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you injured in Philadelphia? Call Northeast Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, Gary Heslin at The Heslin Law Firm. We handle car accidents, and more.

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Who is the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia?

Are you wondering who the best Philadelphia personal injury attorney is? We believe our law firm provides top legal representation and unmatched service.

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Car Tire Care for Spring and Summer

In this post, we give tips on car tires and how to take care of them in spring and summer weather when temperatures rise. Contact PA attorney for more info.

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Searching for a Lawyer in Philadelphia?

There are a lot of Philadelphia lawyers to choose from. Try narrowing your search to a specific practice area location such as Northeast Philadelphia

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Tips for Driving in the Winter

This post provides some tips on driving in adverse weather in the cold months. To avoid any accidents, it may be best to stay home!

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Driving in poor weather conditions

In this post, we offer some tips on how to avoid an accident when it’s snowy or icy. Be careful and drive slowly!

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Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring an attorney for a personal injury or car accident matter can be quite stressful. This post covers some questions to ask an attorney during the process.

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Northeast Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you were injured on someone else’s property, call Northeast Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer, Gary Heslin to discuss your case. Call 215-332-0300.

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