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Our Blog aims to inform Philadelphia Accident and Personal Injury victims about the law so they can have a better chance of maximizing their case results. The Heslin Law Firm goes the extra mile to provide in-depth free information. Generally, our blog will cover auto accidents, specific types of personal injury that occur, workers compensation, slip and fall accidents, and more. By providing this information for clients in Philadelphia, we hope fewer people will be a subject of misinformation of lack thereof. Make the wrongdoers accountable. Be informed and get over your personal injury with the financial compensation you deserve.

5 Tips for a Fun & Safe Memorial Day

In addition to being a day to honor those who have died serving in the U.S. military, Memorial Day is also an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful springtime weather with friends and family. However, a fun and relaxing gathering can quickly turn disastrous if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Whether you celebrate Memorial Day with Read More

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Safe Gardening Tips for Senior Citizens

  According to HealthGrove, an average of 73,825 injuries occur each year as a result of accidents involving garden tools, a figure excluding injuries from lawnmowers! Furthermore, the vast majority of gardening accidents affect people over the age of 64. With this in mind, our Bucks County accident attorney would like to suggest some tips for avoiding Read More

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Dog Bite Prevention Tips for Dog Owners and Parents

This week, April 9-15, is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, an annual event which aims to inform the public on how to avoid dog bites. Here at the Heslin Law Firm, we think this is an important topic to talk about, as our Bucks County dog bite injury lawyer sees the horrible effects of dog bites up Read More

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5 Driving Safety Tips for Rainy April Days

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 1.2 million weather-related car accidents occur each year. Of these crashes, 46% happen when it is raining and 73% happen when pavement is wet. With these statistics in mind, our Bucks County car accident attorney encourages you to refresh your memory on how to drive safely when April Read More

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6 Steps to Safe Snow Shoveling

Although it may seem like a simple wintertime chore, shoveling snow has the potential to be an extremely dangerous activity, even for the healthiest of individuals. According to the National Safety Council, shoveling causes thousands of injuries and up to 100 deaths each winter. This is mainly due to the strain that moving heavy snow puts Read More

Category: Bucks County, Injury Lawyer, Severe Injury, Winter Safety

4 Ways to Prevent Concussions While Playing Winter Sports

There’s no doubt that participating in winter sports is a great way to have fun and stay active during the cold season. Still, doing so heightens one’s risk of sustaining injuries such as concussions. After all, ice skating, skiing and ice hockey all involve traveling at high speeds on very slippery surfaces. So what can Read More

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5 Tips for Staying Safe on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to let loose and have fun with friends and family. Still, it’s important to keep safety in mind when devising your plans for the night. As you ring in 2017, our personal injury lawyer in Bucks County recommends following these tips to keep yourself and those around you out Read More

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4 Ways to Keep Kids Safe on Snow Days

There are a variety of fun activities in which kids can participate when it snows in the wintertime – snowman building, sledding and snowboarding are just a few of them. However, these popular snow day pastimes can end disastrously if certain safety precautions are not taken. To keep your children free of injuries while they Read More

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How To Stay Safe As a Philadelphia Pedestrian

Despite recent efforts to improve pedestrian safety in Philadelphia, the number of pedestrians hit by vehicles in the city remains extremely high at more than 1,700 per year. Clearly, this is a major issue that the citizens, government and road planners of Philadelphia need to work together to solve. Part of the solution is for Read More

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5 Tips for Avoiding Construction Injuries

Did you know approximately one in five worker deaths occur on or near construction sites? These fatalities are often caused by failure to adhere to job safety guidelines and other oversights. If you work in construction, be sure to follow these tips to stay safe while on the job: Always wear the proper safety gear Read More

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What You Need to Know About Birth Injuries

With an occurrence rate of about 7%, birth injuries are fairly uncommon. But when they happen, they can have permanent, life-altering effects on the child and family. Therefore, it’s important to understand what birth injuries are and how to determine if you should seek financial compensation. Mr. Gary P. Heslin, a birth injury attorney in Read More

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6 Easy Ways to Prevent Dog Bites

According to the CDC, there are more than 4.7 million dog bite cases each year in the United States. This statistic is quite alarming, but luckily there are many simple things you can do to limit your risk of being a dog bite victim. Here are just a few of them: If an unfamiliar dog Read More

Category: Dog Bites, Injury Lawyer

Tips for Avoiding Springtime Injuries and Health Issues

With springtime now in full swing, it’s time to review a few spring safety tips that can prevent severe injuries from occurring. Whether you’re on the job, working in the yard or walking the dog, taking the following precautions can help you stay healthy and free of injuries this spring: Wear ear protection when using Read More

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How to Avoid Injuries from Winter Sports and Activities

Sledding, skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities are enjoyable for people of all ages, but unfortunately they have the potential to be dangerous. To keep these activities safe and fun, follow the Heslin Law Firm’s tips for preventing severe injuries while participating in winter sports: Always go with another person. In case of an emergency Read More

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What To Do After Sustaining a Head Injury – Heslin Law Firm

Whether they come as the result of a traffic accident, a fall or some other type of incident, head injuries are very serious. What’s worse, it can take hours or even days for the potentially dangerous symptoms to manifest. To minimize the risks associated with head injuries, our severe injury lawyer in Bucks County recommends Read More

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Avoid Injuries with Our 2016 Workplace Safety Resolutions

While you’re making personal resolutions for the new year, we here at the Heslin Law Firm also recommend taking the time to think about how you can improve workplace safety for yourself and your coworkers. Here are a few ways to do so: Reflect on last year. When creating your list of workplace safety resolutions Read More

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Our Guide to Winter Workplace Safety

If your job requires you to work outdoors year round – even during the frigid winter – then it’s important to take precautions to ensure your safety and health. After all, winter weather can lead to a host of dangerous, potentially deadly health issues, including windburn on the skin, hypothermia, frostbite and more. To help Read More

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Attacked by a Dog? Contact Our Bucks County Dog Bite Lawyer

Unfortunately, even the most innocent looking dogs have the potential to do serious damage. So if you or a loved one has been attacked or bitten by a dog, it’s important to take action. Here are a few tips to help guide you through the minutes, hours and days after a dog incident: The first Read More

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How to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents in Philadelphia This Winter

With severe winter weather comes an increased risk for slips and falls. As a result, countless people are injured each year due to winter-related incidents. Whether they occur at home, at work or at a business, slips and falls can result in all of the following: Serious injuries Missed time from work Increased insurance costs Read More

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Protect Your Family’s Rights – Hire a Philadelphia School Injury Lawyer

Your children are your pride and joy, so when they’re hurt at school, you want to make sure they get the medical attention they need. But when it comes time to pay the medical bills, how do you determine whether the school should be responsible for covering them? The Heslin Law Firm will handle this Read More

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