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Our Blog aims to inform Philadelphia Accident and Personal Injury victims about the law so they can have a better chance of maximizing their case results. The Heslin Law Firm goes the extra mile to provide in-depth free information. Generally, our blog will cover auto accidents, specific types of personal injury that occur, workers compensation, slip and fall accidents, and more. By providing this information for clients in Philadelphia, we hope fewer people will be a subject of misinformation of lack thereof. Make the wrongdoers accountable. Be informed and get over your personal injury with the financial compensation you deserve.

Concussion Prevention Tips for Young Athletes Playing Fall Sports

Now that the new academic year is back in full swing, school sports are beginning to start up again. Whether your children are involved in football, soccer, field hockey or some other fall sport, it’s essential to make sure they are prepared to play safely. Protecting the head in order to avoid concussions is especially Read More

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Get Ready for Back-to-School Season with These Safety Tips

In just a few short weeks, summer will be over and school will be back in session. Whether you’re looking forward to the kids heading back to the classroom or not, it’s important to begin preparing your family for the transition now. As the new academic year approaches, take some time to think about school Read More

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Common Causes of Winter Playground Accidents

For many children, playing outside in the snow is one of the highlights of winter. However, the fun and excitement of outdoor recreation can easily be spoiled by an injury during the snowy season. On the playground in particular, winter brings a long list of potential hazards, many of which aren’t a concern in other Read More

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Keeping Your Kids Safe As They Head Back to School

We all know that back-to-school season can get hectic. But while you’re busy preparing your family for the start of another academic year, it’s important to set aside some time to refresh everyone’s memory on best practices for preventing accidents while traveling to and from school. Here are a few things our Bucks County school Read More

Category: Accident Lawyer, Bucks County, Child Injury, Safety Tips, School Injury Lawyer

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Play Safely This Spring

Playing outside in the springtime has many benefits for kids: it encourages them to socialize, get some fresh air and look away from screens for a while. At the same time, outdoor spring activities can put children at a heightened risk for accidents if certain safety rules aren’t followed. To keep your kids safe as Read More

Category: Bucks County, Child Injury, Injury Lawyer, Safety Tips, School Injury Lawyer

4 Smart Safety Tips for Fall Sports Players

Staying active throughout the autumn and winter is great for a child’s health; however, this positive benefit can be counteracted by injuries if proper safety precautions are not taken. Young athletes are especially susceptible to being injured while playing fall sports at school –according to Safe Kids Worldwide, approximately 1.35 million children require fast medical Read More

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How to Get Compensation for Your Child’s School Injury

When children are at school, parents trust the teachers and other staff to take good care of them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and injuries can occur as a result. Whether it’s a playground injury, a school bus accident or food poisoning from a cafeteria lunch, school injuries can be very serious and sometimes even Read More

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Protect Your Family’s Rights – Hire a Philadelphia School Injury Lawyer

Your children are your pride and joy, so when they’re hurt at school, you want to make sure they get the medical attention they need. But when it comes time to pay the medical bills, how do you determine whether the school should be responsible for covering them? The Heslin Law Firm will handle this Read More

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