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Personal and Severe Injury FAQs

It’s important for injury victims to stay informed about about the law. It’s best to do research on how to pursue your accident claim. After being injured, there’s a good chance you may have a lot of unanswered questions. We would like to provide a few frequently asked questions from previous clients in Philadelphia. It’s possible you have a similar question. If, not, please call our office at 215-332-0300. We are happy to help and offer free consultations for injured victims.

Why should I settle my personal injury claim?

After a car accident, fall, or some sort of personal injury case, you are legally entitled to the right to pursue compensation for injuries and losses through the court system. There is usually an insurance policy that is designed to cover losses. Insurance providers prefer to pay you a settlement amount if you agree not to pursue a lawsuit in court. This is because it saves them the cost of defending the case in court.

In some cases, it could also be beneficial to you because you wont have to wait for the court system to resolve your case. This can take months or even years. While you can decide to take your case to trial, you should always consult with a lawyer first. If you go to trial and lose, you will get nothing for your injuries.

I settled my personal injury case already, can I still sue for pain and suffering now that I have to undergo more treatment?

This is a question I get a few times a year as a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer. I can only give you general information. Unfortunately, in Philadelphia, there is nothing you can do. I am assuming you signed a release, in order to get your money, and that release is going to bar you from making any additional claims. Usually, releases have specific language in them, which even goes so far as to say that you are releasing your claim for all personal injuries, even injuries that you may not be aware of. Sometimes you can get around a release if there is some type of fraud. The only way to know for sure is to contact a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer and review the matter with him/her.

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