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4 Do’s and Don’ts for Snowy Days

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A significant snowstorm is forecasted in the near future for Bucks County. That means now is the time to make sure you’ve made all the necessary preparations for wintry precipitation. Do you have your snow shovel and sidewalk de-icer at the ready? If so, take a few moments to review this snow day safety checklist from Mr. Gary Heslin. Mr. Heslin is the personal injury lawyer Bucks County citizens rely on.

Snow Safety Advice from the Personal Injury Lawyer Bucks County Trusts

  1. DO bundle up your family in the correct attire – Playing in the snow is a joyous activity for kids of all ages. But without the proper clothing, a day spent in a winter wonderland can cause harm. To keep your children safe, make sure they are dressed in layers of breathable, water-resistant clothing. A hat, gloves, insulating socks and snow boots provide extra protection.
  2. DO familiarize yourself with the signs of frostbite – Whether you’re working or playing, being outside in the elements for an extended period of time can lead to frostbite if you aren’t careful. As long as you are adequately bundled up, this shouldn’t be a major concern. But just in case, you should know the symptoms of frostbite. These include skin discoloration and tingling/numbness.
  3. DON’T wait until the snow has stopped to start clearing it – Piled up snow is more cumbersome to clear from walkways and vehicles. Shoveling a little bit at a time is a much smarter and safer option.
  4. DON’T lift or throw the snow as you shovel – Failure to use the proper technique when clearing snow can lead to serious injuries. As you shovel, strive to push it aside into piles rather than lifting it. Furthermore, our personal injury lawyer in Bucks County does not suggest using a throwing motion to remove snow from your shovel. This can cause a back injury.

Gary Heslin Fights for the Rights of Accident Victims

Gary Heslin has been known for over three decades as the personal injury lawyer Bucks County can depend on. He has seen his fair share of winter weather-related cases. Over his many years of practice, he has become an expert in personal injury law and effective legal strategies.

In the event that you or someone you care about is injured due to another party’s negligence – this winter or at any other time – you can count on Mr. Heslin to handle your case as if it were his own. We sincerely hope you’ll never have to reach out, but in case you need expert legal guidance, call us at (215) 332-0300 for a free case evaluation.

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