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Celebrating Valentine’s Day the Safe Way

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Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. Whether you choose to go out or enjoy a quiet night at home, this special day is an opportunity to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. As you celebrate love, don’t forget to be proactive about accident prevention. To help you stay safe and sound this Valentine’s Day, our personal injury lawyer in Bucks County recommends following these tips.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day the Safe Way: 4 Important Tips

  1. Arrange a ride if you plan to drink alcohol – Valentine’s Day festivities often include wine or other adult beverages. If you wish to partake, just make sure to sort out your ride home first. Travel safely and responsibly by taking public transportation or using a ride sharing app rather than driving yourself.
  2. Keep sweet treats and flowers out of pets’ reach – Chocolate, artificial sweeteners commonly found in candy and certain flowers can all make pets sick. So if you have furry friends at home, display your Valentine’s Day candy and bouquet somewhere they can’t access.
  3. Be careful with candles – If your Valentine’s Day plans involve a romantic candlelit dinner, place the candle(s) at least a few feet away from flammable items like curtains and furniture. And if you’re leaving the room, extinguish any lit candles first.
  4. Check the weather forecast – Since Valentine’s Day falls in winter, it’s important to be prepared for inclement weather. In case precipitation is forecasted during your celebration, be sure to read up on our safety tips for snowy days.

By following these simple guidelines from our personal injury lawyer in Bucks County, you will set yourself up to have an incident-free Valentine’s Day.

Heslin Law Firm: Offering Expert Legal Assistance to Accident Victims

Even when you are cautious, accidents can still happen – on the road, in restaurants and elsewhere. In case you or someone you love is injured as a result of another party’s negligence, Gary Heslin will fight to uphold your right to financial compensation. An esteemed personal injury lawyer in Bucks County, Mr. Heslin draws on more than three decades of legal experience as he handles his clients’ cases.

We wish you a safe and happy Valentine’s Day. In the event that an incident affects your family, though, you can rest assured that the Heslin Law Firm will be here to help you navigate your case. For a free consultation, call our office at (215) 332-0300.

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