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Workers Compensation

Top Legal Representation for Work Accident Victims

If you’ve been hurt on the job, it is likely you’re suffering both physically and financially. You may have high medical bills, the inability to work, and severe pain. While things might seem difficult right now, you may be entitled to help.  However, you need an experienced Philadelphia-based workers compensation lawyer to get what is rightfully yours.

Workers compensation laws exist to help injured workers recover and pay their medical bills, but insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize your settlement.

How The Heslin Law Firm Can Help You

Pennsylvania worker’s compensation law provides injured parties with the right to receive weekly (or bi-weekly) benefits or to accept a lump sum settlement.

If you are bringing an initial worker’s compensation claim, a Philadelphia workers compensation lawyer will make sure that you file all of the required information within the required timelines. If you’ve already been awarded weekly or bi-weekly benefits, we will help you when the insurance company decides to try to terminate your benefits early.  This is unfair to you and it can be stopped with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Lump Sum Settlements

Instead of accepting your worker’s compensation benefits on a regularly scheduled basis, you may decide that a lump sum settlement  better suits your needs.  A lump sum settlement will provide you with all of your worker’s compensation money at one time and release your employer from the legal obligation to pay you any additional damages for your work related accident in the future.

A lump sum settlement offers many benefits, if it is negotiated correctly.  The insurance company is going to try to maximize its own profits by offering you a lump sum settlement that is as small as possible.  It is going to hope that you are going to be attracted to their low ball offer by seeing a “big number” that reflects all of your damages paid at once and that you will overlook the fact that it will not cover all of your future medical expenses and lost income.  Thus, it is important to have a workers compensation lawyer like Gary Heslin to work with you before you accept a lump sum settlement.

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      Description:This brochure is a general guide for injured workers on the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act for work injuries and illnesses occuring on or after June 24, 1996. This is general information only and does not represent official interpretations of the law. Injured workers are encouraged to discuss questions and concerns regarding the workers’ compensation law and the additional options wil legal counsel.

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