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The Heslin Law Firm News and Announcements

Welcome to The Heslin Law Firm’s official News and Announcements page. Attorney, Gary Heslin and his team post recent news stories that are local to the city of Philadelphia, or the State of Pennsylvania.

03/06/2015: Recent Car Accidents | Philadelphia News
In this news post, we share a car accident story showing a car crashing into a fire station. no one was hurt, thankfully.

02/24/2015: February Car Accident Stories | Philadelphia
This month, some unfortunate accidents occurred leaving many with injuries. Some involved suspected DUI’s as well.

12/23/2014: SEPTA is making progress with courtesy reminders
A campaign by SEPTA for reminding passengers about common courtesy has shown to work according to reports from spokespeople working for the public transit.

07/17/2013: Bicyclist Cited for DUI
July 10, 2013 Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Police cited a man for bicycling while under the influence of alcohol after he drove into a state trooper’s cruiser.

07/09/2013: SEPTA Bus Accident Leaves 3 Injured in West Philadelphia
A late night collision involving a SEPTA bus left the driver of a pickup truck, along with two passengers on the bus, injured. It is still unclear who is responsible for the auto accident.

03/20/2013: Heslin Law Firm joins TADD!
Teens against distracted driving is now a big part of the Heslin Law Firm vision. As a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, Gary Heslin is passionate about drivers’ safety.

02/27/2013: State Senate votes to abolish Traffic Court in Philly
Less than one month after 12 people were indicted in an alleged ticket-fixing scheme, the Pa. Senate has voted to eliminate Philadelphia’s Traffic Court.

02/01/2013: Philadelphia Judges Indicted in Ticket Case
Philadelphia Judges indicted in Ticket Case

01/07/2013: Teen Brags About Drunk Driving via Facebook, Promptly Arrested
Social media get you in trouble. Facebook get arrested. News in Philadelphia personal accident attorney

12/26/2012: Traffic deaths in 2011 fewest in six decades
Car accident in Northeast Philadelphia Car crash in Northeast Philadelphia Traffic deaths 2011, Auto and personal injury attorney lawyer

12/19/2012: Red Light Cameras carry hefty fine for Northeast Philly Violators
Red Light Cameras northeast Philly $100 fine , grant and academy ave, Philadelphia auto accident attorney

12/12/2012: What do you want to drive in 2013?
newest cars for 2013, best in safety, performance, and fuel efficiency, Chicago tribune

11/30/2012: Consumer Alert!! PEANUT BUTTER RECALL 11/26/12

11/14/2012: New Pennsylvania law fines motorists for ignoring ‘road closed’ signs
Pennsylvania law fines motorists for ignoring ‘road closed’ signs

10/24/2012: High Mileage
A Philadelphia accident lawyer gives tips on how to keep your car running smoothly as the miles start to add up.

10/12/2012: Wi-Fi in Automobiles
vehicle to vehicle software allows wi-fi connected cars to communicate safety hazards

09/21/2012: Compensation for Philadelphia Auto Accident
If you were involved in an auto accident and your vehicle was badly damaged, your insurance company will pay cash for the damage. Contact a Philadelphia lawyer.

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