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Heslin Law Firm joins TADD!


Its a big day here at the firm after getting this letter in the mail! The Heslin Law Firm is committed to ending distracted driving.(proven by this parchment on the right) Its always a tragedy to hear of someone being injured due to a driver being distracted by their phone. the Teens Against Distracted Driving is a movement and a pledge of commitment to driving distraction free.

Don’t wait any longer, take the pledge yourself and save a life! you even get a fancy orange bracelet to sport all the time as a reminder!

Here is an excerpt form the site describing the philosophy and mission of the movement!

In response to numerous deaths caused by texting and driving, lawyer, Jason Epstein from Seattle, WA. and other law groups from around the nation founded Teens Against Distracted Driving (TADD). The TADD program’s objective is to educate teens about the dangers of driving while distracted. Teenagers from around Seattle are in this program to spread the word. They create posters, fliers, websites, etc.

A study done at the University of Utah showed that while people are texting and driving it reduces their attention level down to that of a person with an alcohol level of 0.08%.

Although people know the dangers of distracted driving, they still do it anyway. “For convenience,” responded one person when asked why they would drive distracted knowing the risks involved. Why would you risk your life just to save a few seconds of time?

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