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SEPTA is making progress with courtesy reminders


A recent campaign to remind passengers about common courtesy while riding SEPTA has shown to be working according to passengers and officials working for the public transit company.

official SEPTA logo

Ads posted on the walls of trains and buses displaying “Dude..it’s rude!” are resonating with the public. There has been fewer complaints of passengers performing rude acts such as taking up two seats, cursing, leaving trash, and the like.

SEPTA spokeswoman, Kristin Gieger stated that, “the agency has received fewer complaints about poor etiquette since the ad has

launched and SEPTA has received a lot of positive feedback since.”

It’s clear that because this program is receiving such positive feedback, there is a large indication that is in fact, working.

One passenger stated that the tone of the ad is perfect for targeting and confronting inconsiderate passengers.

New York’s transit system is even going to adopt something similar to Philadelphia’s ad campaign due to its success.

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