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Settlements and Verdicts in Philadelphia

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and these verdicts and settlements, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case.

Multi-Million Dollar Recovery For Birth Injury

Mr. Heslin has secured a multi-million dollar recover for a birth injury client. After 29 years, the client is still receiving money and will be for the rest of their life.

Awarded: Multi-million dollar recover for a birth injury client

$1,500,000 Recovery for Septa Accident Victim

$1.5 million jury trial verdict for woman with significant knee injury while a passenger on a moped that fell over when it ran into a pothole. The driver of the moped only had a $15,000 insurance policy. Mr. Heslin argued that Septa was also responsible for his client’s injury for failure to fix the pothole. Septa denied the claim and used a highly tactical defense that septa needed to have advance written notice of the pothole before they could be held responsible. After exhaustive discovery, Mr. Heslin was able to obtain testimony from an inspector for the City of Philadelphia who produced an inspection report indicating that on a routine inspection of the area he saw and made note of the pothole and that it was his custom to mail the report to Septa. The jury accepted this testimony as the required written notice and awarded $1.5 million to his client.

Awarded: $1,500,000

$750,000 Settlement For Victim of Swimming Pool Accident

$750,000 settlement for minor seriously injured in swimming pool. The owner of the private pool denied responsibility, claiming their lifeguards were adequately trained and on duty and that there was no way they should have been able to see the boy who was allegedly injured while swimming underwater. Mr. Heslin obtained the services of a swimming pool expert and Mr. Heslin argued that the lifeguard stands were not high enough and that if the lifeguard stands were the proper height, that the lifeguards would have been able to look down into the water and see the young man as opposed to the low lifeguard stands which only enabled the lifeguards to look at the surface of the water, particularly on a sunny day. At the request of his client, Mr. Heslin settled the case for $750,000, although he thought he could do better if the case went to trial.

Awarded: $750,000

$700,000 settlement for client with leg injuries

$700,000 settlement for client with leg injuries as a result of trench collapse. Mr. Heslin’s client was an apprentice plumber who jumped into a ditch to turn off a water valve, after his friend, who was digging the ditch, ruptured the pipe with a front end loader. The friend’s insurance company argued that Mr. Heslin’s client caused his own injuries by jumping into the ditch and also argued that the client and his friend were co-employees, and thus the friend could not be sued because suits against co-employees are barred by workers compensation laws. Mr. Heslin was able to successfully overcome these arguments during a pretrial conference before a Judge and at the request of his client, settled the case for the final offer of $700,000 in 2011.

Awarded: $700,000

$400,000 Recovery for Slip and Fall with Leg & Back Injuries

$400,000 for client with herniated discs after stepping in a pothole. The defendant was the City of Philadelphia. The City of Philadelphia initially refused to make any offers because they argued that the pothole had been there for months, was only about 100 feet from where the client lived, and the client had acknowledged that he knew the pothole was there. Mr. Heslin did exhaustive legal research and was able to uncover a little-known theory called “momentary inadvertence” which can effectively excuse someone from stepping into a pothole, even when they already know the pothole is there. The judge accepted this theory and the result was $400,000.

Awarded: $400,000

$200,000 Recovery for Slip and Fall with Fractured Ankle

$200,000 settlement for a fractured ankle with surgical repair as a result of a slip on ice at an apartment building. Apartment building owners made low initial offers claiming that the injured man recovered and within months had returned to his strenuous job. Philadelphia accident lawyer, Gary Heslin, consulted with his client’s treating podiatrist and was able to argue that his client may develop arthritis in the future which would result in additional medical bills. The apartment owners raised their offer to $200,000, which Gary Heslin accepted at the request of his client.

Awarded: $200,000

$500,000 awarded to 19 year old accident victim

$500,000 awarded to verdict in federal court for a car accident victim injured on Roosevelt Blvd in Northeast Philadelphia. The insurance company originally denies responsibility because the 19 year old accident victim had run out of gas and was trying to get his car started when he was struck

Awarded: $500,000

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